Photos and Posters

Want to decorate your garage or home with original GM artwork and photos? Try the GM Photostore which has thousands of vintage GM images available for purchase.

Vehicle Information PDF's

The GM Heritage Center has digitized vehicle information for select models. The documents are free to download.

Vehicle Brochures

Feel like stepping into the past? Browse GM Heritage Center’s digital archive of select vehicle and company brochures.

VIN Decoder

Use our Vehicle Identification Number decoder to determine the original specifications and equipment for your vehicle.

Restoration Parts Directory

We offer many resources to help you find the licensed restoration components you’re looking for. Just like any GM part, you’re getting authentic, high-quality parts with officially licensed GM restoration parts.

VIN Level Documentation

Looking for original documentation on your car? Start at the GM Media Archive. The Archive has original build sheets and vehicle invoices for many of GM’s vehicles for $50 per document.

Shop for vintage themed GM branded merchandise at the GM Company Store. Choose from apparel, drinkware, home décor and more.

GM Company Store

Restore, Preserve, & Enjoy

Our Mission is to support and enhance your passion for pre-2000 GM Classic vehicles with the best products, historical data and archival information.

It's going to be a fun road ahead.

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We are General Motors Classic

With over a century of automotive experiences, we have learned that enhancing life’s journey sometimes involves looking back, cherishing history, and honoring the fact that driving is more than getting from point to point. That’s why so many of you labor to preserve, live to drive, and collect the vehicles of General Motors’ past. We share that passion – and will support yours through GM Classic.

The Goal

Our mission at GM Classic is to share your passion for iconic pre-2000 GM vehicles while supporting your journey by providing the best products, historical information, resources, parts, and a community of classic GM vehicle owners and enthusiasts.

The Core

You spoke, and we listened. In addition to delivering innovative solutions and services exclusively from the GM Classic team and select partners — all parts will come from an authorized GM licensee and the vehicle information comes from the GM Heritage Center: GM's historical authority.

The Roadmap

Now that we have launched, we look forward to becoming a part of the GM Classic community by creating a space for you to share your stories, tips, and events. We will also continue to add more historical resources, parts, and documentation. Join us and we'll navigate the road together.